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Work for justice.
Work for fairness.
Write good letters.


A Little Sympathy

It is easier to curse the darkness than to invent the electric lightbulb. It is easier to complain than act. There is value in complaining. It gets everyone's problems aired, and problems that are not known cannot be fixed. It seems to me that the complaining is being taken too far in certain circles and being excluded from others.

I hear the complaints. I am logging them in my memory and writing them down so I can ensure that my plans address them. But don't expect to see me crying and weeping with the victims. That simply is not in my emotional make-up. Someday soon you can ask my spouse for confirmation. I am a little worried about the stories you will hear--all of them true, just painful for me.

Please do not mistake my cold exterior for a lack of caring. I care too deeply. But my emotions are in check under the service of my reason. The fires of my hatred for injustuce and my compassion for the downtrodden are consciously kept on a low and steady burn. The flames may appear small, but they will not be extinguished while there is life in this body.

Do not mistake periods of silence for loss of interest. I have much work to do that does not involve writing you these letters. I look forward to the day when we can truly work on this together, and not be separated like this. But I cannot get there until my preparations are done. So I will continue working; still listening and learning. You have my sympathy, and my love.


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