good letters

Hope that the future can be better.
Work for justice.
Work for fairness.
Write good letters.



Every child is born capable of selfishness. Every man, woman, boy, and girl is capable of great acts of crasping and clinging. There is no greatness in one who is accomplished at collecting. It is to be expected, and not worthy of glory, that a person can accumulate wealth.

If you are interested in greatness then you must learn to give.

The measure of a person's greatness is in both the amount that they give and the amount that the recipient is different from the giver.

It is only a little goodness for a rich father to give small gifts to his beloved son. It is a greater good for a poor woman to give the same small gift to a stranger. It is even a greater good for a rich person to give lavishly to his enemies.

We need to learn to lavish our kindness upon those who least deserve it and who least like us. We cannot fight to achieve lasting peace. We can only give, abundantly, freely.

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