good letters

Hope that the future can be better.
Work for justice.
Work for fairness.
Write good letters.



You must love someone before you can effectively change them. This is true for individuals and groups of every size. You cannot force change from the outside. You must love and accept and draw close before you can affect.

This was the first genius of Christ. He loved before He challenged to change.

I love my country. I love my race. I love my culture, and my species. I will love you every step of the way. But I have changes that I wish to see happen.

Love means that I cannot wish and work for changes that are not really in your best interest. You and I may not agree about what your best interest is. But I believe that if you will listen you will come to agree with me. It is a process that we will have to work through together. It is not a process where I have to get my way in all things. Love means that I have to respect your free will.